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About us

70 years to Amisragas

Amisragas, the American-Israeli Gas Company LTD, is the leading gas supplier in Israel. The company founded in 1949, has played an integral role in the development of industry, agriculture and tourism in Israel. 

Amisragas has vast knowledge and years of experience in planning and operating advanced systems with the supply of energy from various sources and for various uses such as:  home; industry; tourism; health and transportation –  all the while meticuolously keeping in line with its core principles. Amisragas  has earned its reputation as a leading company in its area of expertise: not compromising professionalism, exceptional service and above all – safety. 

As a leading company in the gas market, and as a company that appreciates customer service and safety , Amisragas offers its clientele skilled and  attentive service by an  array of professionals in order to ensure a safe and steady supply. The company is committed to the severest standards and is extremely strict in all its operations.

In addition to advanced online system for ordering services and products, Amisragas invests in inter-personal communication with its customers through dozens of branches and service points around the country.

Amisragas operates a complex chain of supply that  include importing through bulk carrier ships, concentration large quantities of gas in large storing farms, and operating dozens of distribution trucks and tanks as a wide operational back office. In addition to a wide array of engineers and efficient customer service department, Amisragas is  successfully catering to hundred of thousands of families and businesses in Israel, supplying them with safe and steady gas supply at all times, and in all places, 365 days a year.

In addition to supplying energy,  Amisragas offers its customers a variety of advanced products that are cost friendly, efficient and that operate  on gas energy: stoves for cooking, water heaters, heating furnaces, fireplaces, central heating, grills and camping equipment.

Amisragas’ commitment to its customers  and its years of expertise in  promoting and developing the advance  gas market  in Israel, has earned it its status as a pioneer in this field.

Amisragas’ ability to  develop with in accordance with the rapidly changing world,  and its talent to enhance its products, services and its work method through studies, are key to preserving the company’s leading reputation for years now.

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